The experience we have gained permits us to make furnishings in every style.

We range from neoclassical to modern minimalist styling.

Our strength is our flexibility and ability to adapt to every order.

Working in the luxury nautical sector has given us an additional reason to improve detail & finishing quality. 
The more the furniture & furnishings are complex, the better we can express ourselves.

For example, this kitchen in
neo-classical style is rich in finishings that required considerable detail care and the result is truly spectacular!
At LPL Arredamenti we give life to unique pieces in modern styling too.

Over a decade of collaboration with architects has helped us to develop the correct attitude to be able to work alongside them.

We know that modern styling has well defined “clean” formal parameters which means extremely accurate workmanship often underlined by the use of glossy paint. 

Whether it is a simple piece of furniture or something extremely complex, maybe from different material, whether it is a small room or a luxurious villa makes no difference to us.

Boiserie, arches, shaped furniture, cupboards, bedrooms, shops, restaurants, hotels...

...every order is, for us, a new creation to be completed with enthusiasm and professionality.